WLOG Docks

If you haven’t been into Weyerhauser log docks within the past year and you intend to drive in, they will require you to watch a 10 min safety video prior to allowing you to proceed.  Once you have watched the video you will be in their system as an approved visitor.  

St. Helens Sailboat Race Schedule

                St Helens 2024 Beer Can Race Schedule Series 1    May 16                                                                                    6:30pm    May 23                                                                                    6:30pm    May 30                                                                                    6:30pm    June 6                                                                                     6:30pm    June 13                                                                                   6:30pm    June 20                                                                                   6:30pm    June 27                                                                                    6:30pm Series 2    July 11                                                                         … Continue Reading »