ATON repair

HME Construction, will be rebuilding several wooden and damaged federal aids to navigation on the Willamette River from approximately October 11th-22nd 2021. ATON’s to be rebuilt are as follows: Willamette River Light 6 (LLNR 14870), Willamette River Light 10 (LLNR 14880), Post Office Range Front Light (LLNR 14895), Multnomah Channel Junction Light (LLNR 14910), *More … Continue Reading »


Advanced American Construction (AAC) will be conducting installation of a new 48 inch outfall pipe in the Columbia River near mile 96. The pipe will extend from the Washington riverbank out into the Columbia River approximately 700 feet. Operations include dredging, pipe installation, pile driving, diving and demolition of the existing submerged outfall pipe. Onsite … Continue Reading »