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Phone Numbers

Dan Butler, Jim Horne
Capt. Jeremy Nielsen
Capt. Dustin Johnson
Vice President
Sheila Johnson
Office Manager
Ken Lawrenson
Business Manager
Hannah Milnes
Business Operations Assistant
Office Fax 503-289-9955

Mailing Address

Columbia River Pilots
13225 N. Lombard St.
Portland OR 97203


To order a pilot please call 503-289-9922

The Columbia River Pilots provide service 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Orders for a Pilot should be placed via phone between 0700-1600 hours.


For Inbound Vessels:

  • We request 4 days notice for Arriving Vessels.
  • The following information should be provided:

ETA, Arrival Drafts (fore and aft), Tentative Berth(s) Schedule, Docking Instructions, Bunkering or other Anchorage Requirements, Nominated Tug Company, ETD, and Anticipated Sailing Drafts.

  • All vessels and/or steamship agents must keep this office informed of any change in ETA.
  • Vessels are required to provide a 12-hour notice of arrival at the CR buoy to the Columbia River Bar Pilots by radio, phone, telex or fax as specified in the Coast Pilot.
  • Refer to the Vessel Movement Guidelines for additional information.


For Outbound Vessels & Harbor Moves:

  • All orders for sailing or harbor moves must be placed between 0700-1600 hours.
  • Sailings or harbor moves in the Ports of Portland & Vancouver require 2 hours notice.
  • Sailings or harbor moves in the Ports of Kalama & Longview require 3 hours notice.
  • Sailings or harbor moves for all Ports below Longview require 4 hours notice.
  • Any sailing or harbor move occurring from 1900 through 0900 the next day is an After Hours job.
  • Orders for After Hours Job must be placed with our Dispatch no later than 1600 as either a “Set Job” or “Call Job”.
  • A “Set Job” is used for definite sailing/shifting times.  The Pilot will report at designated time with no additional notifications required. A Report Charge will be billed if pilot arrives and job cancels.
  • A “Call Job” is used for tentative sailing/shifting times after Dispatch Hours.  A Pilot will not report until the job is set.  There is no charge for canceling a call job. To set a Call Job, call the Merchant’s Exchange at 503-228-4361 or VHF Channel 16, call sign WHW656, with the appropriate 2 or 3 hour notice.
  • Refer to the Vessel Movement Guidelines for additional information.