Pre-Boarding Health Precautions

In an effort to keep ship’s crews and pilots safe and healthy, the Columbia River Bar Pilots and Columbia River Pilots have the following requests:

Before the pilot boards the ship:

  • Notify the pilot dispatcher if anyone is sick on board.
  • Sanitize all surfaces on in the bridge – especially radars, radios, consoles, countertops and handrails.

When the pilot is aboard:

  • Hand sanitizer should be easily available.
  • Everyone entering the bridge should immediately sanitize their hands.
  • Limit personnel on the bridge to those required for the safe navigation of the vessel.
  • To the extent practical, keep the bridge well ventilated. Consider keeping a door open.

Thank you for adhering to these precautions.

If you have any questions you can contact the Columbia River Bar Pilots at or the Columbia River Pilots at