In light of ongoing issues with Paloma Grant (Kalama Cab Company) COLRIP has closed our account with her effective immediately.  She has used COLRIP as a (self-proclaimed) “savings account” by storing invoices for months at a time and then submitting large batches at once.  She has claimed COLRIP as her and her husband’s employer on multiple occasions seeking unemployment benefits at our expense despite repeated requests by us to stop.  Most recently, and the final reason for ending our account was her extremely disrespectful, insensitive & hurtful social media post disparaging a COLRIP member.   All this was directed at us, her customer!

Again, as of today I have closed COLRIP’s account with Kalama Cab Company and advised them no invoices will be accepted for payment after the end of this month.  While you may still choose to use Kalama Cab for transportation you will need to pay directly at the time of service.  I strongly encourage all to use Uber, Lyft, Owl Taxi, Uptown Cab or POV cars as alternatives to Kalama Cab.

Call/Email with questions.