Please see the below from the Corp and take precautions as necessary. Let us know if you encounter any issues. We recommend downloading soundings weekly during this height of dredging/survey season.  An email was send to all with an attached drawing showing the area of concern.

Good afternoon, we are planning to have the Stuyvesant dredge the channel along Puget Island RM 37+30 to 39+10 and then place the material along the Oregon edge of channel RM 38+10 to 38+45, this will happen over the next few days. Then the Dredge OREGON will show up end of next week after they finish Miller Sands to rehandle the material onto Tenasillahe Island. We will get surveys during and after the Stuyvesant finishes placing material. The attached drawing shows approx. yellow box where the material will be temporarily stored.


This means until the OREGON removes it, there will be some serious material stacked up on that Oregon channel edge; hopefully the Stuyvesant will be able to control placement and minimize the amount that spills into the Oregon half channel. The Washington half channel will be cleared to 46 feet, including 50 feet of overwidth toward WA.