Advanced American Construction (AAC) will be conducting installation of a new 48 inch outfall pipe in the Columbia River near mile 96. The pipe will extend from the Washington riverbank out into the Columbia River approximately 700 feet. Operations include dredging, pipe installation, pile driving, diving and demolition of the existing submerged outfall pipe. Onsite work is expected to occur from 01 Oct 2021 to 28 Feb 2022. AAC’s Derrick Barge DB 4100 and tug Lindy Marie, and work barges will be on station and monitoring VHF-FM channel 16 during the working hours of 0700 through 1800, Monday through Saturday.

The floating equipment will remain on-station during non-working hours and will be illuminated at night by fixed white lights on all corners. Mariners are asked to transit the area with extreme caution and minimize wake. If you recognize something  that needs attention in their work area please contact COLRIP Chair or Shad Huber from AAC (360) 953-4833 or